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Promotional Marketing

The key to Promotional Marketing being successful is through the help from the key words AIDA (Attention/Attract, Interest, Desire and Action). Attention/attraction is the hardest as without the customer’s attention they won’t purchase your product. Try using powerful images and words to catch the reader’s eye, without catching their eye they will walk away and look at a different product.

Now once you have their attention your next step in your Promotional Marketing is to keep their interest in the product. You need to give them a reason to stick around; they need to engage with that product and this does take a lot longer than your first step. Give them bullet points and headings that stick out to show what your product is about. You need to give the reader points that you want them to know in bold and information that isn’t so relevant in smaller, lighter text.

Once you have their interest, desire is your next step to success in Promotional Marketing. Desire is sort of the same as interest but what you need to do is make them feel like they need or want this product. Show the customer what is in it for them if they buy this product, are they going to get fresher skin, shiny hair etc. For example if you are selling a hand cream, you want your customers to know that if they use your hand cream they will have soft, gentle and beautiful skin, with a luscious smell.

Last but not least action, this step is very clear, what do you want your customers to know or do. For example do you want them to buy a product, visit a website, change to a different TV channel etc. Rather than leaving customers with nothing, they will just walk away as they won’t know what to do. This gives you the best information on how to be successful at Promotional Marketing.

Attract, Interest, Desire and Action is the key to your Promotional Advertising

Promotional Advertising is used to grab the customers and potential customer’s attention. Promotional Advertising is the key to your marketing strategy, to give your business a boost of brand awareness. The reason for Product Marketing is to notify, convince and persuade your customers and potential customers. By providing this information it is hoped that your customers will purchase your products.

The prices you can see by clicking on the Promotional Advertising images above are all inclusive – do not pay for set up, do not pay extra for delivery. We look forward to helping you further.

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