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Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Using Promotional Items

Using Promotional Items among promotional companies is in vogue nowadays because of the benefits these items give them. It is like having a shot in the arm especially for companies that are struggling to keep pace with the competition. But even with the use of promotional gifts there are certain companies that do not get the desired result. Why? A look at the following common pitfalls tells us the reason and how to avoid them.
  • Using promotional gifts that seem to be too far to be connected with the type of business behind the promotions. While promotional companies have a leeway as to the type of promotional gift they can use, businesses just starting up should stick to using only Promotional Items that the public can easily relate to their business. For example, if one is dealing on school and office supplies, pens and notepads are good promotional gifts. For other businesses where distribution of their sample products is not practical in the case of pharmaceutical and hardware companies, keychains and shirts symbolic of the business will do.
  • Using Promotional Items with doubtful quality but are very cheap is beneficial to most companies but the strategy can boomerang in the form of reluctance on the part of costumers to patronise the business. Always remember that the quality of the promotional gift is directly related to the public's perception of the company behind the corporate gift. As the experience of most companies engaged in promotional advertising shows, it is better to use branded logo products than gifts of doubtful quality. While the company is bound to spend a lot more at the start, it is paid off in the form of the loyalty shown by the clients.
  • In terms of distribution of Promotional Items, there are many companies that make the mistake of liberally distributing the gift to anyone the company pleases hoping to make a hits. In the absence of a specific targeting method, companies resort to spreading the effort in the hope that it will do the company good. Before the promotions can go any further, companies will learn to their chagrin that they have spent a lot for the promotions without getting the desired result. The alternative strategy is to pinpoint the recipients and give Promotional Items only to those who deserve it based on amount of purchase and other parameters. Because of this, clients feel that they are being rewarded for their loyalty to the company.
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