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Getting Picture Perfect Custom Promotional Pens

Size is no longer the determining factor for the success or failure of an advertising strategy, the aphorism that the bigger the item is the better it would be doesn't always seem to be applicable anymore. Sometimes the smaller things such as the Promotional Pens can help you advertise your items in the most practical way. Especially if you are on a company that is just middle sized, where budget for advertising is very limited. The only way for you to go neck-to-neck with your competition is to present your promotional gifts in the most noticeable way but with the least amount of money spared. Custom Promotional Pens in Online Catalogues Online catalogues are the common media used by advertising companies to present their items in the most suitable manner. Through catalogues, they can show the exact representation of the promotional gifts that you can choose from without having to send out the samples of the real thing. So here are some ways promotional companies use to make your items in a picture perfect mode:
  • Perpendicular. Reflections from the barrel of the Promotional Pen can be a problem when it comes to shooting perpendicularly. By using hard lighting effects, difficulties can be minimised. This is a commonly desired shooting for catalogues that display the pens, since it maximises the details.
  • At an angle. An easier option compared to the first one, this only needs soft lighting effects. Photographers just need to make sure that the pen is squeaky clean, since it is to capture the slightest detail of the Promotional Pens.
  • Close up. It is important that the item is photographed in a clear shot and in close-up mode. This makes the details clearly presented. It is crucial that the client gets a well-defined picture so that they would know what to expect from the products. This minimises problems when the production is finished.
  • Specifications. Make sure that all the specifications about the Promotional Pens are presented. The more details you can produce, the better the catalogue. This minimises questions on the client's part and gives them a clear description of the products that you have.
Any of these ways can be used for your promotional gifts on catalogue feature, depending on the skill of the photographer. Minimal tweaks are not a problem since editing can be done. Just be careful in editing though, because you may overdo it resulting to drastic changes in the picture that may not portray a what-you-see-is-what-you-get product.
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