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Giving Away Corporate Hampers

Probably one of the best promotional products Sydney companies choose to give away is the corporate hamper. Corporate Hampers can come in many different shapes, forms, sizes, and compositions. These Corporate Hampers can come in the form of picnic baskets with a collection of engraved glasses, plates, and cutlery. These can also come in the form of a luxury basket filled with high quality spa items. You might even find promotional hampers that contain wine and cigar sets made for those who love these luxurious items. Choosing the Right Products for Corporate Hampers The decision to give out Corporate Hampers during special occasions may have something to do with their versatility and the wide variety of choices you have. Some of the promotional products Sydney companies choose to include in these special hampers are actually company made products that they want their clients to try out. There may be times, however, that the promotional products Sydney companies place in these hampers are items that they know their clients will love but are not necessarily manufactured by their company. The choice can also depend on the occasion, the relationship the recipient has with the company, and the budget your company has for these hampers. Most Popular Gift Hamper Choices If you want to get your clients and corporate friends the best Corporate Hampers for the many different occasions you might be expected to give these out, here are some of the more popular choices you can make:
  • Spa Hampers. These can contain different kinds of spa items like soothing lotions, body scrubs, foot scrubs, scented candles, incense, and other similar spa products. You can also include bath salts, perfume, and potpourri in these baskets. You can have your company logo printed on stickers and you can place these stickers on the products found in these Corporate Hampers.
  • Goodies and treats hampers. These hampers can contain some of the recipient's favourite treats. If the recipient loves chocolates, you can place a number of high quality chocolate products in these baskets. You can then place your company sticker on these items to remind the person who the gift came from.
  • Wine and glassware hampers. You can have wine glasses, champagne flutes, or martini glasses engraved with your company logo and name. You can have these placed in the Corporate Hampers with a couple of good bottle of wine or champagne. You can even include an engraved bottle opener in hampers like these.

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