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Promotional Pens as an Advertising Tool

Every individual or company who runs a business aims for their brand and products to be seen and noticed in order for them to boost their sales. That is why they resort to different kinds of marketing strategies and tools--from celebrity endorsers, billboards, and they go even to the smallest everyday items such as Promotional Pens. These promotional gifts can only say so much. Your company is not the only one that is using these pens for advertising, even your competitors can use it too. So it is wise that the come up with the best ideas for your material to rise above the rest. How Are Promotional Pens Printed? The printing made on pens have two types. They vary as to what material your pen is made of. If you have the plastic ones, then the conventional printing method is used. But for those that are made of metals, engraving is the option. This technique is more expensive compared to the former. Here is how the conventional printing is done for your plastic Promotional Pens:
  1. Artwork. This is the draft graphic design that you want to be printed on your pen. The fonts are outlined and in vector format. The colours are separated through layering technique.
  2. Overlapping. The colours that have been in separated layers will now be overlapped and the fonts and lines will be thickened.
  3. Filming. The artwork will be converted into a film, that will be used as printing screens or plates. These plates have light-sensitive emulsions that will be in contact with the film once UV light is used.
  4. Plates. These are mounted on the printing machines with various adjustments being made. This ensures that the print perfectly fits onto the Promotional Pens.
  5. Screen printing. Once everything is in its perfect calibration, the printing can begin. It is critical that the screen's linear speed perfectly matches the pen's rotation, because any error on this stage will cause smudging of the print.
  6. Hot air drying. Once the inking process is finished, it now passes through hot air drying. This stage removes the solvents from the material.
  7. Packaging. If only one colour is used for the printing, then it is now ready for packaging. But if multiple colours were used, then it is back to step 1, until all the colours have been incorporated on the promotional gifts.
It may just be small Promotional Pens at first glance. But with the printing process that it undergoes, the course of action is not as simple as it appears. So now you know that these promotional items should be valued.
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