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Protecting and Promoting with Logo Sunscreen

There has been so much damage in our ozone layer that has allowed dangerous UV rays to penetrate the nearest layer to the earth's surface. With people becoming more aware of this, they have also done some protective measures to minimise the damage in their skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. And these protective measures involve using umbrellas, sunglasses, and applying branded promotional products of sunscreen. With the unfortunate event of the damage of the ozone layer, this has also opened doors to the business industry. They have discovered that they can use Logo Sunscreen as advertising products. It is a way of promoting your brand while giving the message to your customers that you care for their health. Why Logo Sunscreen Is a Hot Promo Item People are so much concerned with their physical well being, most especially with their skin, since it is the front lines of our physical features. By simply looking at our skin, it can give us the idea if we are healthy or not. We spend so much time and money to ensure that we maintain a glowing and flawless skin. The sun's rays can result in dark spots, blemishes, and sunburn. To prevent this, the first level of prevention that we can do is to apply Personalised Logo Sunscreen. It is not necessary that you buy branded logo products that are quite expensive. As long as it has the appropriate SPF, it is enough to protect the skin. Tips for Using Logo Sunscreen for Promotion There are some things that you may want to consider if you are planning to use Logo Sunscreen for your promotional advertising.
  • Bottle sizes. The ideal sizes for bottles of Logo Sunscreen to be given away are at least 50 ml. This is just enough amount of sunscreen to provide everyday protection and enough space on the bottle to print your logo.
  • Sachet. You can give away handy sachets of your sunscreens. This is because customers want something they can easily bring with them instead of large containers. These sachets can be easily stored in bags and purses and will be easily available whenever they need to use it. This is also advantageous for those people who are giving it away, since it is easy for them to hand out this branded logo products in trade shows or malls because they are not that bulky and not inconvenient to carry around.
  • SPF. The Logo Sunscreen being given away should have SPF rating of SPF 15. For maximum sun protection, the advisable SPF is at least SPF 30.
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