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Strategies in Giving Out Promo Items

When people hear of the word promo, they often associate it with an activity that aims to attract clients by reducing the prices of certain commodities. Moreover, many see it as a desperate measure employed only by financially challenged companies who are facing truly tough times. Nonetheless, true as these assumptions may be, handing out promo gear is something that is resorted to not only by financially troubled companies. Businesses that are just barely starting up and those who are celebrating another year of survival in the market also do them. Tips on Giving Promo Items Regardless of the reason behind giving out Promo Items, there is always a need to make sure that the message is well received by clients. This is to avoid wasting time and resources. A promotional activity, especially one that involves handing out freebies, is the ticket to success for many companies. This is why the following tips must be observed when giving out freebies to achieve the desired goal:
  • Make sure that the Promo Items like the corporate merchandise prominently display the name of the company. While this may not really require a reminder, many companies make a mistake by placing their name or logo on parts of the freebie that is not easily seen by people. Likewise, when placing logos on the items, make sure that it is distinct and can be easily identified. In order to make the marking last long, have it engraved into the objects or similar procedures. In the case of other Personalised Promo Items like clothing, embroidering the company's name or logo is far better than simply printing it. The marking or the prints may fade but not when the clothing is embroidered.
  • In the distribution of promo gear, it is best to time it during an event where a huge crowd is gathering. One common example that is widely employed is to hand out such items during baseball games, during the Super Bowl, or such days as Sundays at the beach where people often spend their days to cool down. In this way, even if not everyone is able to receive the Promo Items, the advertising stunt in itself was exposed to a large audience, generating wide awareness for the presence of your company.
  • In the case of branded items such as promo gear, it will be expensive to give them freely to anyone. Instead, the best way to give them is to select only the most loyal clients, often after a purchase of a specific amount. It will make them feel important to the company, making them decide to support only your business in the future.
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