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Taking Printed Notepads into a Higher Level

Printed Notepads and promotional pens have been used as promotional items for quite some time. And these may no longer appear that much interesting compared to the first time that it was launched. Some customers even consider it as a boring writing material. Therefore, if you choose to use these as your marketing items, you must bring back the customers' interest like before. Customising and adding a great deal of creativity can be the solution to this. If clients notice that these items are no ordinary writing tools, then this might ignite the fire once again to bring back their enthusiasm and interest. Types of Printed Notepads that You Can Choose From
  • Magnetic notepads. These are the notepads that have special magnet linings. These linings give the notepads the ability to stick unto your refrigerator door or other equipments made of steel where magnets are likely attracted to. These types are usually coupled with promotional pens, this saves you the hassle of looking for a pen when you think of something important to write down.
  • Checklist notepads. These Printed Notepads are ideal for groceries or buying other supplies. Checklist notepads have ready-made checkboxes. You would just need to list or write down the items opposite the box. This makes it handy when shopping.
  • Shaped notepads. These are usually ready-made shapes that come in a wide variety. But for promotional purposes, some suppliers give the companies the option to decide what shape they would want to use for the cut out of their Brisbane Printed Notepads. Say for example, you are trying to promote an ice cream company. Ice cream shaped notepads would be great, it is made of colourful and attractive designs.
  • Entertainment notepads. Comic designs, cartoon characters, or special artistic watermarks are the usual elements in entertainment notepads. They are one of the most attractive types of notepads since a multitude of shapes and colours are used for this type of Printed Notepads. If your target clientele are those of the younger age bracket, then this is a good option to consider. Having promotional pens that matches the theme of the notepad makes it extra interesting.
  • Recycled notepads. Joining the eco-friendly brigade is very easy nowadays. In fact, the first type of recycled materials that were launched were paper or writing materials. The materials used for making recycled notepads are organic fibre, which gives it a more natural feel. This will surely gain approval from the environmentalists.

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