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The Cost of Using Promotional Notepads

The cost of using promo pads depends on the type of the notepad, the number of pages, and the size and the quality of the paper. When used for promotions, they can cost a lot more especially if they have to be printed with the mark of the company and other additional inputs. Moreover, the size of the order also affect the price. The bigger the order, the lower the cost per unit. However, granting that other factors remain constant such as good quality paper, paperback cover with leather cover, and between 75 to 50 pages, Promotional Notepads are usually priced according to their size. The following are the comparative cost of these common promotional items according to their size:
  • One of the smallest in sizes is the 3.5-inch-by-5-inch notepads. This size is commonly used by housewives when jotting down a new recipe they learned from a television show. The number of pages is usually 50 though there are some with as many as 100 pages. When used in promotions, suppliers price each as much as $0.95.
  • Promotional Notepads are also available in bond paper sizes such as A4 and 8.5x11 inches. Such types are more commonly used at schools where the need of having a big notepad is a must. Because of their size, they need to have a sturdy cover to avoid the edges becoming torn. Hence most of them have thick cardboard cover.
  • Depending on their applications, notepads rarely have more than 100 pages. As a matter of fact the most common ones only have 25 or 50 pages. The reason behind this is that a notepad is used only for taking down small things which never necessitates having thick pads.
Where to Buy Promotional Notepads Buying Brisbane Promotional Notepads for promotions is never too difficult. The most common source is school supplies stores. However, because promotional requirements entail a large order, some stores may not be able to fulfil the order. This is where suppliers of promotional products come in. Such suppliers know their craft as manifested by the different and appealing styles of their notepads. As a result, many companies come to them when they need notepads for promotions especially during challenging promotions such as when trying to penetrate corporate offices. This situation usually results to pairing of Promotional Notepads and conference pads, which is essentially providing an office employee or executive of the things on top of his or her table.
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