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Using Mouse Mats in Business Promotions

In today's fast evolution of technology, it is no longer questionable why the advertising and promotional departments are also keeping up with the pace. Computers have been a basic commodity from the smallest business trade to the largest corporation. And with computers is a mouse. With a mouse, Mouse Mats surely follows. No wonder Mouse Mats are also becoming a fad in the advertising world. It is considered as one of the promotional gifts that have been quite effective to potential and long time customers. Various Types of Mouse Mats Before, the usual Mouse Mats that are given away as promotional gifts were the conventional hard top Mouse Mats. But now, few modifications were done on the design and functionality of Perth Promotional Mouse Mats. Here are a few of them.
  • Lenticular mouse mat. This is the type where pictures, logos, or words appear in 3D.
  • Ultra thin mouse mat. A very thin polypropylene base material is used for this and has specialised non-slip feature.
  • Aquamat. This contains at least three types of coloured liquids that are non-mixing in nature.
  • Precision hard top mouse mat. This is a modified version of the common hard top. It is designed to have high definition tracking surface for both optical and ball mouse.
  • Mouse card. A greeting card and mouse mat in one. This has been the ideal type used as promotional gifts.
  • Armadillo-welded mouse mat. This has a tough top layer that serves as a resting structure for the hand. This provides comfort and functionality in one.
  • Smart mat. This is recommended to companies working on a tight budget. This is cheaper compared to other mats. Made from laminated low cost paper, this provides sharp and colourful images.
  • Metallic lustre mat. This is the hard top mouse mat that has metallic edgings giving it a unique sheen.
  • Business card mouse mat. Ideal as promotional gifts given out by sales representatives. It has a small pocket on the edge where a business card would fit.
Benefits of Using Mouse Mats Not just simple promotional giveaways, Mouse Mats also proved to be beneficial. Here are some benefits of using Mouse Mats.
  • Comfort. Undeniably, Mouse Mats provide comfort to computer users. It prevents direct friction of the hand and table.
  • Reduction of jitter. This reduces the accumulation of dirt under the mouse, which also decreases the jitter of the pointer.
  • Minimising scratch. With the use of Mouse Mats, the table surface is unfettered by potential scratches from the mouse and the hands.
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