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Be Certain: An ISO: 9001 Quality Assured Company

Yes, most companies talk about customer service and it sometimes starts to sound a little like meaningless marketing talk!   We are one of very few Australian ISO: 9001 Approved Promo Companies and we also have raving customers!


ISO: 9001 (2015) Customer Service

Not very exciting sounding this is an internationally recognised standard that shows we have systems and processes in place to manage your job from start to finish.  From your enquiry to delivery we have systems to get it right and that includes our customer service.

Getting merchandise right is not straightforward; there are many complexities in this industry and managing complexity is what we do well.  See our certification here


What Our Customer Say

Nothing gives us more pleasure than happy customers!  Have a look at how our exceptional customer service consistently exceed their expectations here.


Fast Responses ~ Accurate Information ~ Jobs Right First Time ~ Jobs On Time ~ Accountability.

A Professional Supplier.