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Logo Redraws Australia - 24hours

It’s frustrating! – you need something printed or decorated with your logo and the printer tells you your art is no good!  They are asking for a ‘vector’ file - you don’t know what that is and you know you don’t have one.  Graphic artists want a couple of hundred dollars before even talking with you and you just need that printed stuff quickly – you need help!

Why you need vector art

You probably have a Jpeg, Tiff or Bitmap file – you need it professionally redrawn into what is called a vector file – we can help - we do hundreds of these a year.

 Old – distorted, unvector, low resolution New – crisp, vector , high resolution
Old – distorted, unvector, low resolution New – crisp, vector , high resolution

Vector files are important.  They are the highest grade of art and allow printers to recreate your logo as the designer intended – cleanly and crisply.  Having vector files are an investment in your brand identity – with these files all of your marketing material can have a uniform look (for as long as you keep the files!)

Logo Art Pack

Our deal is very simple – we will take your old Jpeg, Tiff or Bitmap file and redraw it into three formats that you can be used for high quality printing – we call this our Logo Art Pack.

You will receive:

A Vector ‘EPS’ file with your logo in colour PLUS a version in single colour

A PDF showing your colour and single colour logo together

A high resolution jpeg showing your logo in colour

A high resolution jpeg showing your logo in single colour


Of course , you will not be able to open the EPS vector file without graphic art software but you will be able to use the PDF and high resolution Jpeg files at any time.

Logo Art Pack Example – PDF file

These 4 files will ensure that your logo branding will never look dicey again and that all of your printed and marketing material is exactly the same.  We can have your logo art pack to you within 24 hours of receiving your old files.

How much does this cost?

Making vector files is a time consuming process that involves the time of a skilled graphic artist.  We charge only $88 inc GST* for this service to those also ordering a Promotional Item from us.

If you need a logo redraw and need it now simply call us on 1300 303 717 or email it to sales@promotionproducts.com.au with ‘redraw’ in the subject box and we will get this underway for you with priority!

We look forward to helping you further

The Promotion Products Team

*Please note about 2% of the logos we receive are too complex to do for this price so we need to quote them.  Email your logo to us and we will advise in writing, by email, the cost (about 98% of the logos we do come in at $88!)